Sunday, September 19, 2010

Still going strong!

I cant believe I'm eight days raw! I am beyond excited for myself and I'm thrilled that I have hung in there this long. Of course I have a ways to go and depending on how the month goes, I may just extend it to 100 days. The only thing that I'm beginning realize is that I need to cut back on the nuts and grains because they're somewhat not exactly helping with my goals. Thus I think this week my new challenge for myself while being raw is to have two smoothies, drink 90oz of water daily, and to stop eating after 9pm. Also, I want to try out three new low fat raw-veg. recipes. Anyone have any favorites???
Here is the cake I made last week inspired by Rod Rotundi's recipe for Raspberry Cocoa Cheezecake. I didn't have raspberries so I used strawberries instead.. YUM!

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  1. What is the recipe for this?!?!?! It looks amaaazing. :D