Monday, September 6, 2010

Loving me

Goodness it has been quite a time since I've posted on here. Since then, I've been to Atlanta, Spain, South Africa and Namibia.. met some amazing people and well.. not been raw, at all. Now that I'm back home I'm committing myself to being as healthy as humanly possible. I know its not an easy road to travel down, the road of optimum health, but I'm beginning to realize that I am indeed worth it. That, and quite frankly I'm tired of bingeing and purging and hating my body. Sorry to disappoint if the focus of this blog is shifting a little bit.. Its really turning into a journey of self love and exploration in order to become a better and more authentic being. I'll still be discussing raw food and making recipes, but I'll also be working towards becoming a healthier, lighter, vegan me as well. My goal for this month is to release 10lbs. I hope to reach a total of 15 by my birthday. Its almost scary to write down because I don't know how many times I've written such things down and never followed through with them, or completely forget about it, but I know that this time around I shall be successful... or at least more present. lol. SW:185 (9/1), CW:182.
So, in other raw news I made the most amazing cashew butter and banana ice cream! I am such a happy camper!
Happy Day off of School and Work!

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