Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Miracle Tree

I am not sure if my body has been going through a detox, or if its the remnants of PMS but today (technically yesterday) I was in such a funk all I wanted to do was sleep. I haven't really been making too much raw food lately, Mother Nature blew in to my life and threw me off track a little bit. The past few days I've had a terrible sleep cycle, and I haven't been eating much raw, but then again I haven't really been eating much of anything. I haven't really had an appetite in a couple days. On the plus side, I'm now at 177! :).
On Saturday I went to the Vegetarian Expo. While there, I discovered what may possibly be my new favorite supplement, moringa. I'm going to start putting it in to my smoothies on a regular basis and see if I notice any major differences. The moringa is a tree that is indigenous to Africa, South America, and a few other locations that I cannot recall offhand. The nutrient value in the leaves are quite impressive and in Ghana they are using it to fight against malnutrition. Some are calling it the "Miracle Tree" as it is claimed that it has the ability to cure over 300 diseases. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants, and it has:
15x the potassium of bananas
25x the iron of spinach
17x the calcium of milk
25-30% protein ( which is 9x the amount of protein of yogurt)
10x the vitamin A of carrots
4x the chlorophyll of wheatgrass
Also, the company i was talking to makes delicious vegan brownies using moringa as well. I was a little leery at first, but I really enjoyed the taste. I'm going to have to order some more when I get the chance.