Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy and Nappy

So I have had natural hair for... over a decade now. My main goal is to grow my hair back to as long ( or longer) than it was when I was little. I have been somewhat conflicted in where and what to research because I know that there are indeed major differences between the makeup of "ethnic" versus "non-ethnic" hair and haircare. So I've been trying to find sites that have info on natural growth and maintenance regimens that would be effective for me as a sistah gurl. I cant wait to venture on the journey to regrow my hair and start maintaining it to its fullest potential. Tonight I am going to comb it out, wash it, blow it dry and trim it and start from there. Everlasting light, health and nappturality here I come!!!
Here are some of the things I have learned and aim to incorporate thus far
1. Rosemary:is used to combat the fall of hair, stimulate the growth of new locks, strengthen hair roots, support hair follicles, eliminate dandruff, and clean the scalp and hair of impurities.

2. Horsetail: Horsetail has been used for centuries as a hair growth herb. It stimulates blood vessels in the scalp. Horsetail contains a high amount of silica which is essential for healthy hair.
3. Coconut Oil/Avacado Oil/Jojoba Oil: Excellent for moisturizing the hair without clogging the follicles
4. WATER!!!!
5. Inversion machine???: So my mom bought this new inversion machine and she was saying that it can also be used to promote hair growth seeing that all of the blood in your body will be rushing in the opposite direction and stimulating ones hair folicles.... so hang upside down guys!!!
The two best things I've seen about being raw/vegan on Youtube

Vegan is Gangsta

My Name is Zion... and I'm 3!!

The Return

Its been a while since I have been on and blogging. Normally that would be an indication that I have once again fallen off of the raw raw sis boombah movement, however I've been doing really well .... ok so I fell off for a little bit but the good news is that I have been raw for the past 15 days and I am LOVING it!!! My boyfriend and I are currently going raw for three weeks and we are both successfully on day 15. I am beyond proud of him going from a deep dish pizza loving, burger eating, carnivore to asking me for more kale chips. He's doing extremely well and loves virtually everything I make. I'm just having a hard time getting him full.
I'm also finding that being raw just keeps getting easier and easier. I love it. I feel so alive and it really is teaching me how to get in touch with my creative side seeing that I rarely follow recipes exactly( mainly becaue I never have all of the ingredients lol) , I find myself creating new deliciousness. Today for example I created my own adaptation of avo mayo.
I just wish I could remember what I put in it. That is my next goal to write all of the recipes I make down because I find myself always changing and subbing ingredients it would be good to write something down every once in a while to work from.

In other news, I'm a little stressed out but I am determined to not be defeated. I just found out that I wasnt accepted into two of the four schools I applied to. I'm applying to another one in the next couple of days. I know everything will be fine however its just such an extremely stressful process, applying to grad school. Howver, regardless I'll be starting on my masters in Holistic Nutrition via Clayton College. So, in reality, I shouldnt beat myself up especially shince the two schools I got rejected from I didnt really want to go to in the first place. Everything will be just fine.

I ran across some old pics of myself before and after I went raw and it just served as a reminder that I am indeed on the right path.
Me at 16. Somewhere between 220-230lbs.
This was taken about 3 years ago. I was about 198 here.
174lbs, just after I left OHI (optimum health institute). July '08

Gramma and I July '08