Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vegan in South Africa

YAY! I love this video. She is so inspirational. This reminds me of being in South Africa and being at vitamin/food shops in the mall in Cape Town. They had several raw books and recipes. However, this is the first time I have seen a Black South African talking about being a raw vegan.

101 List and other things

I want to start gardening!! Its funny, I have never really been one for gardening or keeping plants alive... I have several plants in garden heaven that can attest to that. I don't exactly know when, where or how a green thumb has sprouted up and wanted to take over my Black body, but all I want to do is put my hands in the dirt. I stumbled across a few sites last night that led me to learning about Jules Dervaes and how he turned his home into an organic garden and homestead in the middle of Pasadena. I would love to start a gigantic garden once I have the house for it, but I don't know about having goats and ducks running around the back yard. But, in the mean time and in between time, I am looking into indoor gardening and hydroponic methods for growing my own food. I am tempted to buy the phytopod 3, but at the moment I don't have a lot of cash coming in, so it may have to wait. I am such a gadget geek, but I can always start with growing my own sprouts. I on a mission to get seeds before the end of next week and get started.

While surfing the web I came across a blog that had a 101 list. Since I am on a temporary hiatus from school and often bored, I think that this is an excellent way to keep me not only entertained, but feeling a bit more fulfilled than I have been lately. And to be honest, nothing brings me more joy than checking something off of a to do list (odd I know, but it always makes me feel so accomplished). Although not complete, I plan on putting the list on the right and adding more when new ideas occur to me. Also, if you have any suggestions, or ideas for ways that I can accomplish these goals please don't hesitate to let me know.