Friday, February 27, 2009

Mmm Mmm Juice

So I am super disappointed in myself. Wednesday and Thursday I wasn't raw and I went waaaaay off program. However, I'm realizing what I did wrong. I wasn't prepared. Often I'll leave the house and wind up running errands or doing various other things, and then I'll forget to bring enough food with me. Then I'm starving and just about ready to eat a cow ( lord knows I've been a veggie my whole existence) and so I get very tempted to eat junk. I find that when I dont eat raw it brings back a lot of emotional frustrations because I am still struggling with an eating disorder and it makes me want to revert back to old habits. But, its not about how many times you fall down, but how many times you get back up again. I know I can do this and I will not sabotage myself anymore. I refuse to. So I'm not sure whether or not I should restart from day one or if I should just keep going and add on additional days. I think i'm going to do the latter.
So starting today I'm going to be juice feasting. I'm just going to juice feast through Tuesday. I figure that this will help give me some time to prepare some food and snacks for myself for the rest of the week.

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